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Practical Solutions: How to prevent Dementia / Alzheimers

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Today I will share with you some practical highlights from my studies on
, from Dr. Russell Blaylock, board-certified neurosurgeon expert on the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative disorders.

How can they be prevented and treated? Are you ready?

few tips to prevent Dementia Alzheimers and brain aging…

Be consistent take action steps

(Speak to your doctor before doing any of this)

– Exercise! Recommended 30 mins daily

– Turmeric /Curcumin, it increases energy production. Decreases brain inflammation. Decreases microglial activation. Inhibits toxicity. Neutralizes or partially neutralizes toxicity caused by your mercury in fish and dental fillings, aluminum in rice and porcelain crowns, lead, pesticides, and herbicides. Recommended 1,500mg 3x/day.

– MCT oil from coconut

– Dha


– Blueberries reverse brain aging

– Blackberries/Spinach

– Veggies


– Ginkgo biloba

– Luteolin

– Astaxanthin

– Phosphatidylserine

– R- Lipoic Acid

– B12

Others to look into

– Baicalein is an iron chelator removes excess iron

– Bacopa- repairs damage dendrites and brain synapses

– Gastrodin increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor

Eliminate all sugars they cause brain inflammation

No more donuts

Eat blueberries instead

Increase good fats with DHA, CLA, Omega 3 like salmon, nuts, and avocados.

Eliminate Omega 6 used to make chips

Eliminate Fluoride in water and toothpaste

Replace dental mercury fillings they are neurotoxic.

Forgive. Emotional trauma is huge. Keep tuned for that part.

God bless! Love, Dr. Yolie

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