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Dementia Warning: Uncovering the Thread of Emotional Stress

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Dementia warning uncovering the thread of emotional stress

The purpose of this is to awaken people to know that every 3 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Alzheimer’s is the 6th cause of death, it kills more people than breast and prostate cancer together. The medical community has no solution for this at the moment. But we need to be proactive and start implementing what we do know and can do. So lets do it together.

Back in 1990, a little-known massive study revealed that the vast majority of us are affected by emotional issues on some level or another and while initially, it might seem hard to believe. These emotional issues that begin early in our lives can have a profound influence on our brain and health as we age. Thankfully now we know how to identify these issues, in the past it may have gone unnoticed because no one talked about it. Talking about stuff is good.

Today we will learn to identify these emotional triggers, how to measure them and troubleshoot it instead of just being a victim.

I think that emotional trauma in childhood is the most underexposed risk factor for all the chronic complex illnesses today including Alzheimer’s and dementia. There is so much talk about stress, too many phone calls too much to do, etc. a lot of people understand that stress is bad for them but I truly feel like people don’t understand that early life stress leads to severe chronic issues. Whatever happened in your childhood if it doesn’t get resolved you will carry that in your genes and cells and it has to get released. Let it go.

Years ago I visited my aunt who had Alzheimer’s and she was always speaking about how she met her husband, always full of joy telling the story 3 times over. She was stuck in that era of love and beauty. On the other hand, the guy in the next room is stuck being the victim talking about all the trauma in his life, full of anger and bitterness. The beautiful part of it is you can ask questions and turn that around to get them out of that loop, temporarily. We can choose our interpretation of life events.

It reminds me of what the bible says. Think about what you focus on and never forget the importance of forgiveness. God’s wisdom says focus our thougths on whatever is Holy, beautiful what is kind what is praiseworthy and also speaks about forgiveness. The bible says as I’m forgiven, I should forgive I have a lot of unwise choices in my life I need to be forgiven for.

When you are a little kid your brain is affected by the trauma you are exposed to, you need to address it go back to it and make amends with that. James said, “We need to rejoice in our trials and tribulations. The purpose of our life is to Love and go to the next level . God is going to use trauma for good. if we want to be more loving and kinder and more peaceful, we shall mature and get out of our childlike mind and mature into what God intended, he has said he will use our trials and tribulations to be more like him.

Even if you have a very demanding parent God is going to use that. You may become very successful because of that whatever it took, we can turn that around and know that we are loved and we don’t have to perform.

Let’s look at this study and look at your own score of what happened to you.

In the 1990 scientists did a survey of over 17,000 ppl; the study was to identify adverse childhood events. Which events created emotional trauma, for example, your parents got separated, divorced, or argued. You were exposed to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and neglect. There was domestic violence, mental illness in the family, abuse of drugs or alcohol, incarceration, bullying, victims of racism. Rate yourself if you have any of those you can give yourself a point for each one, those with high points were followed up with. We will refer to this test as the ACE.

If somebody had a really high ACE score then they had a very high risk of developing 7 out of the top 10 causes of death when they became adults.

To give you context so you realize how important your emotional health is related to your physical health.

If you have 4 or more ACE your risk of developing pulmonary disorders are 2.5x higher than those who have no ACE you have a higher risk of getting hepatitis, depression is 4x greater, cancer 2x, diabetes 1.6x, stroke 1.6x, suicidal 12x, Alzheimer’s 400% risk 4.22x greater. That is crazy if you think about this, why are the medical community and the doctors not focusing more on the emotional. If a child goes through abuse that has to be handled properly or they will pay later. You won’t know why you got breast cancer and why you got dementia, but you can handle some of this today by addressing your mental state.

The bible says your mind is what controls everything. These studies in 1990 are impactful. Kids now are exposed to so much crap, internet, the things they see in movies, porn, violence, tv, they didn’t even consider all these other elements. If a caregiver died, a grandparent or someone who died, the financial crisis, the school pressure, the bullying, there are a lot of things that are trauma that isn’t on the list in 1990. Trauma is subjective but when you are exposed to trauma If you cannot process you will be frozen in your mind and body. Some people are more sensitive than others. Some have genes that make them more sensitive than others.

The great neuroscientist, Caroline Leaf , has proven that you can train your brain even after trauma to be stronger than ever. She speaks about the powerful influence the word of God has, it’s amazing because she is a scientist who backs it up with scripture as well.

The bible says we can change our lives just by the way we think. We have 60 thousand thoughts every day and its important to renew your thoughts. How? Reading and empowering yourself with promises and positivity. God has 7,000 promises in the bible. It’s your choice, what you think of the most is what is going to become your life. It’s unbelievable what the bible says, the seed that you plant that you will carry for 4 generations. God said it is first and it has since been proven by science.

The bottom line is everyone has been affected by ACE either their own childhood, your parents, or your grandparents if your alive today you will be impacted.

In California , recently did a study with 28K people. They wanted to find out the ACE relationship with binge drinking and nutrition. If your ACE is 4 then you are 7x more prone to be an alcoholic, and 11 x more likely to use drugs and have addictive destructive patterns. When someone is in pain they are trying to distract, numb and validate themselves. So, it’s your choice, what you think of the most is what you are going to become.

It is so important to forgive and remove these toxic patterns within us to not carry it on to the next generation. These inner conversations we have with ourselves can be powerful.

If you are going to be 360% higher risk of heart disease I think it’s important to identify and acknowledge “yes I was stressed as a child.” Ask yourself, now what am I going to do about it?How am I not going to let it affect my body, my mind, and lead me to have Alzheimer’s when I am older. Let’s focus.

First, don’t be in denial – explore, say let me work on it. Journal about what happened in your childhood that got disrupted that I need to address. Why? Because I don’t need to get dementia over it. Have you ever met anyone who is always angry, sad and anxious? If that is the case something happened in their childhood because they are stuck. You have to get unstuck.

There are two resources


2. A book called Childhood Disrupted, if you’re chronically angry this is a good read

If you are traumatized you need to release. If you are in shock after a relationship. Personally, I was shocked for 5 years in a relationship, the shock keeps you in denial and confusion. It’s a blind spot because you don’t know how to handle it. Your brain is in shock because you don’t know how to deal with it and your brain is trying to protect you. You can then be angry. Then the last step is recovery. You want to reintegrate yourself into society and anger is good because it gives you the motivation to do something and change. Depression is the opposite of anger you are either angry or depressed and that’s a loop. Depression is not a good place to be because in the long term that can affect you and give you dementia.

Your brain is already maxed out with toxins in this world, don’t add to that by surrounding yourself with toxic people as well. Please don’t forget about having fun laughing and dancing with your friends. Socialization is extremely important as you see the benefits shining in the Blue zone areas.

When traumatic events happen to us your brain blocks it like it didn’t happen. But later on, you’re going to have a trigger when you see and listen to something related to that experience and it freaks you out at a subconscious level. We have to handle these things, kick it in the butt. If you are dissociating it is because that situation is too painful. You were created to love and be loved but when you are dissociating and depressed it’s the way your own brain protects you from a difficult situation.

Did you know that your personality type is based on your experience from your childhood? If you are a perfectionist its because you had a critical parent that made you feel like you are not good enough

1. So what do you have to do? You have to look out for yourself and love yourself before others. If you’re trying to help everyone but yourself then you have nothing to give. Get your love from God first. The first commandment is to love God above all things. Love others as you love yourself it doesn’t say love others more than yourself. Love others as much as yourself. No brainer take care of yourself.

2. You have to reset the brain, I reset my brain in the morning I need so desperately. I have my routine that is focusing on the spirit mind and getting my body ready to receive, then I will be able to give. The popular thing now is yoga and meditation that have been practiced in other countries for thousands of years. Know yourself, what do you need? I know that I’m centered when I read my bible and do my Bemer, working out and stretching in the morning. I love letting my joints receive synovial fluid so I’m not all stiff. Know that God loves you and he made you in his image. Seeking God and wisdom first is the most important. I don’t want to hear my inner garbage and my nonsense I want to hear God first. WISDOM or foolishness we choose.

3. Your relationships. Who you hang out with you become. The bible talks about this. We have a heart and the heart is the source of life, the bible says to protect your heart with everything you got because that is the source of life. In the scientific world, the heart has an electromagnetic field and how we feel emotionally is going to change the heart variability meaning the rate and other people’s heart rate will affect yours. You have to be aware of people who are energy vampires. These people are not full of joy. They will drag you down and they are narcissists. These vampires are all about them, they need a lot of validation. They are very hurt people who were abused when they were children. This affects their mind and a lot of mental illness stems from how they were affected in childhood, unfortunately. Only God can change that if you’re an average person with an average ACE you can choose the people around you. You can let people go or limit the exposure or no exposure at all because you become who you spend time with. Find out what you love to do and find people to do it with there is nothing wrong to be all by yourself if you love yourself you can be with yourself. People who are not loving themselves fill every second with noise and stimulation because they don’t love themselves. You need quiet time to process your thoughts about your life and to have a plan.

4. Last but not least we must listen to our body’s stress. The way we process things in our childhood is multifactorial, there are things you can do to help your body. Your adrenals are affected by stress-producing cortisol (take adaptogens, and supplements to help with adrenal support besides pro and prebiotics) the first thing that gets affected is your biofilm in your stomach everyday everyone is talking about these things: organic food, exercise, reduce exposure to chemicals, having a good laugh and dance with good friends. Surround yourself with a family that loves you good conversation etc. All these things are like watering a beautiful flower, it gives you life. Address the childhood issues forgive forget to move on having a happy life.

Dr.Yolie loves you!

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2 thoughts on “Dementia Warning: Uncovering the Thread of Emotional Stress

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  2. He leído con gran interés su artículo sobre Dementia Warning: Uncovering the Thread of Emotional
    Stress – dryolie y puedo decir que es uno de
    los mejores artículos que he leído. Es por eso que quiero compartir un sitio
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