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1 hour consultation with CyberScan for $500
Dr. Cintron will scan the patients hand, do two different reports
In the meantime, the patient and Dr. Cintron will discuss the patients current health status, medical conditions (if any) and what the patient should change/do moving forward regarding nutrition/lifestyle

1 hour consultation with Zyto for $175
Dr. Cintron will scan the patients hand and email them the report
She will go over the patients report and encourage the patient to purchase the supplements to better their health

1 Hour consultation via Zoom $150
No scanning, this is purely a consultation to go over the patients medical history, how they are feeling, what triggered a change in their health, what they want to improve, their current diet and nutrition habits and lifestyle habits such as sleep schedule, exercise, water intake etc

Example of “Request an appointment” page

Apply For A Consultation

Email Address
Readiness Assessment and Health Goals
Are you willing to pay for health care out of pocket?
Rate on a scale of 5 (very willing) to 1(not willing): In order to improve your health, how willing are you to:
Significantly modify your diet
Take several nutritional supplements each day
Keep a record of everything you eat day modify your lifestyle (e.g., work demands, sleep habits)
Practice a relaxtion technique
Engage in regular exercise

The innovative ZYTO scan technology facilitates an interface between a computer and the human body.

The resulting dynamic data exchange, known as a biosurvey, involves computer-generated signatures called “Virtual Items” and recording the body’s galvanic skin response, a well-developed method of monitoring stress responses that is commonly used in applications like polygraph tests and biofeedback.

ZYTO technology does not identify, diagnose, or treat any disease or medical condition.

The beautiful thing about the ZYTO scan is, it not only gives you insight on the biomarkers in your body, it will also recommend the supplements that are going to help you get started on getting your health back on track! 

The cost of this service is $175.00

What happens after I get scanned? 

The ZYTO Scan will recommend supplements for you to order. How do you order? 

There are three ways to order the products:

  • Option 1:

Go to wholescripts.com
To register as a patient follow these steps:
Click register
Referral code: DrCint2021
Last name: Cintron
Email: whichever email you prefer
If you choose option 1 we will walk you through it over the phone to simplify the process.

  • Option 2:

Call 1(800)647-6100 and someone will register you with an account over the phone and order the products for you.

  • Option 3:

When we review the report and the products you need are listed
you pay us for the products you want to buy and we order them for you!


The CyberScan is a German biofeedback machine, used as an alternative method to determine possible present and past health condition based on the trends that are identified in the current state of the body’s immune system. CyberScan also addresses EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies), Wi-Fi, cell phone frequencies and much more.

CyberScan is a quantum physics-based CE-Class medical device in the EU and FDA registered as a biofeedback device. Made 100% in Germany. CyberScan utilizes state of the art proprietary, scalar-energy technology based upon the patents and investigational trials of experimental physicist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) and P.E.A.R. (Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research).

Benefits of CyberScan

  • Can reduce stress and anxiety
  • Can enhanced mental clarity
  • Can enhanced muscle mobility
  • Can improve general health

The cost of this service is $500 your first session. Sessions should be done twice a week for the best results.

CyberScan can help support and balance the immune system to reduce stress that may be caused by:

  1. Microbiology (Bacteria, Yeast, Mold, Virus, and Parasites)
  2. Toxicology
  3. Mercury and other heavy metals
  4. Psyche: Emotional or Mental (Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Memory)
  5. Digestive

The CyberScan is not a diagnostic tool. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure a disease or illness, nor is it to be presented or constructed in any way, as a substitute for Professional Medical, Surgical, Psychiatric Care or treatment.