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Breast Cancer: 10 Steps – Before, During & After

August 9, 2018



Why Cancer? Why me? Why now? Associated with intimacy, with our sensuality and feeding our offspring, it can define us and devastate us. In the last few months, I have met a few young women in their early 30s with stage 4 cancer. The toxic loads that we are exposing ourselves to in our society are overwhelming our bodies to rest, detoxify, and regenerate. Why should a body that was created by God to heal itself perfectly be malfunctioning at the early age of 30?


  As a dentist for 31 years, my philosophy has evolved into an integrative, holistic, biological, reconstructive and regenerative approach—this was my choice. I never saw people as parts.  I was intrigued by how a tooth infection could give my patient an infected heart and die. Every time, no matter how often I see it, I am blown away when my breast cancer patients have had root canals on teeth on a breast meridian. Every month I see younger people devastated with the news of cancer and other degenerative diseases. We need to take a stand and change our choices because the two most frequent regulatory blockages are dental heavy metal burdening and incorrect colonization of the gut with intestinal disorders arising from the impact of the toxicity in the gut. A great alternative doctor will have a protocol to first address the oral toxicity and infections and send patients that are battling cancer to a biological dentist. Often,  in my office, I have seen toxic loads caused by toxic metals and bacterial overgrowth, bone infections changing the gut flora causing illnesses. A recent toxic load that we are becoming aware of is metal fillings or mercury fillings. If you have a mercury filling and are using a cell phone, beware. The cell phone is a microwave that is driving the mercury into the jawbone, into the cells. Being that it is electrical and a toxin, it changes the electricity of the cells and has an impact on the brain and mercury changes the gut flora and the biofilm. Do not place a cell phone in your bra either.


 We pray that you have a revelation; do not wait, take action NOW! Here are some steps to heal from the inside out:

1. Get empowered, educate yourself and implement what you learn.

2. Stop blaming; make a decision to take control of your health, your life is dependent on it.

3. If what you are doing got you sick, it is not working. Be willing to change. Let’s find out the root causes and eradicate them NOW! (toxic loads in your mouth)

4. Take into consideration what habits you need to replace. For example, instead of sitting on the couch, change that behavior to working out.

5. Love your bed; you need 8 hours of regenerative sleep.

6. Turn WiFi off in your house when you sleep or go all the way and get grounded Ethernet wires and a landline instead of wireless.

7. NEVER do chelation therapy before metal removal. Remove toxins first. Chelation therapy will pull toxic metals like mercury and lead out of your oral restorations and push them into your gut, nervous system, kidneys, brain, etc.

8. Get involved in the community and become accountable with your health journey! Join our new discussion group on Facebook: Dr. Yolie Reclaiming Health Group. We want to hear your questions, concerns and knowledge to share with the community about these issues. Let’s create a movement of people who are proactive and will say no to cancer and other illnesses. Ask questions, be opened minded, become creative.

9. Get even more educated. Subscribe to our Dr. Yolie newsletter at Dr. Yolie. com. This month we will feature an interview with Jonathan Landsman, founder of, which will focus on the root causes of different illnesses. Also, for detailed scientific information on the connection between oral health and overall health, go to to hear dozens of health experts uncovering these truths.

10. The most important one of all is your connection with the living God, because He weaved you inside your mother’s womb, and knows how many hairs you have in your head. He knows us perfectly and he is the One that truly heals us.



Dr. Yolie


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