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Dental A Commitment Wellness: to Being Healthy!

June 6, 2018

by Dr. J. H. I


  I knew about Dr. Cintron through Natural Awakenings Holistic magazine. I always had dental issues, and being a physician, was somewhat aware of the possible consequences of what had been done in the past by traditional dentistry. After reading Dr. Cintron’s articles and her comprehensive approach, I made an appointment with her for an evaluation. I was very impressed and surprised by what I was told and shown by the doctor and staff (very professional). Maybe some of my symptoms were going to find a resolution. My health was definitely in jeopardy if I did not act quickly. All my root canals were infected and my health was shattered. Therefore, I decided to make the time and financial commitment that could be the difference between being healthy or drag the toxicity to an already affected body. I recommend anyone who has root canals and mercury fillings to take them out. Every time you chew and swallow, you’re putting toxins into your body and you don’t know how they may affect your general health.


Commentary from Dr. Cintron’s International Center for Dental Excellence:


    As part of our protocol after surgery, we recommend our patients go to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and upon examination, the doctor at the chamber found a problem (heart murmur) with our patient’s heart. God’s grace revealed a major problem that needed emergency surgery. Periodontal disease is a silent killer and 85% of the population have some form of periodontal disease that is undetected and/or untreated. This may cause permanent damage to the heart and lungs. Stroke, endocarditis, bacteremia, digestive problems and diarrhea may be the result of such damage. Our DNA testing of the root canal treated teeth revealed what types of bacteria were present. Patients should not underestimate the effects the bacteria in the mouth can have on the body as cavities and gum disease have been found to affect other organs. Pictured here is a DNA report of a patient who came with his heart working at 30%. Notice when normal bacteria is found at levels over 9.5, they become very dangerous.


   Would you like to know what is currently in your mouth and affecting your health? We use Full View test kits for collecting blood, tissue, teeth, root canals, cavitations, implants, and bone grafts. The general description, symptoms of infection and current CDC treatment recommendations are included in the report for each microbe.




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