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Understanding the Tooth/Body Connection

January 25, 2018

by Ellen R. W


 What would you call it when because of a chance meeting at a business conference you get the card of someone who has a major impact on your life? I call it a miracle or divine intervention. 


     I had already decided to seek out a biological dentist for future dental care. My dentist in NYC did not seem to be aware nor interested in the issues of toxicity and mercury and their effects on a patient’s holistic health. Two weeks after being shown Dr. Cintron’s card, I had a toothache. I called her office, made and appointment and started what turned out to be a journey that would make a profound difference in the rest of my life. Along with the news of the work needed on my decaying tooth, Dr. Cintron encourage me to have additional work done to ameliorate three root canals and mercury that had been in my mouth for at least 25 years, and in some teeth, much longer than that. I was not the easiest of patients—feeling I knew a lot about dentistry. When my decayed tooth work was completed, Dr. Cintron and her staff encouraged me to explore what possibilities existed to correct the toxic mouth I had. I politely said, no thank you.

 Two weeks after the completion of the new crown,  I broke a porcelain jacket on one of my top front teeth which had a root canal in it. So again, back to Dr. Cintron’s office, with encouragement to remove the tooth, have an implant, and start the cleanup of my mouth. Again, the no thank you words came from my mouth. Dr. Cintron replaced the jackets on the two top front teeth so that the colors would match, leaving the root canal in place. Again, there was the conversation about removing at least one of my root canals (which meant removal of a back molar) as that particular one had been filled with silver points—outlawed by the ADA at least 25 years earlier. (Even the ADA knew that silver points in a dead tooth was not a good health decision—with the toxicity risk too great—having direct access to one’s blood supply.) Yet again, no thank you was my response.

  Two weeks later (notice a pattern here), I found a lump on my right breast that I could swear wasn’t there the day before. When I visited Dr. Cintron for a follow—up on the new jackets on my front teeth, I asked her which part of the body would be impacted by the root canal with the silver points in my top right rear molar. The top right molar is connected by meridians to the RIGHT BREAST. Bingo! It all came together; I was now paying attention with a new sense of importance.


     The need to clean up my toxic mouth became imperative and that was even before I received the news that the biopsy of the lump had come back with the diagnosis of infiltrating ductile carcinoma—breast cancer. Dr. Cintron has been working closely with my naturopath in order to provide me not only the appropriate dental care, but also taking into consideration my other health challenges. I  have had four root canal teeth removed with subsequent implants.


  My husband has a concern about the cost of all the work. To appease his skepticism, I called my former dentist in NYC as well as my husband’s current practitioner here in South Florida. When I told the NYC dental office what work was needed, I was quoted a price higher than what the cost was going to be with Dr. Cintron. When I called the South Florida practitioner, their cost was also higher than Dr. Cintron’s and they could not accommodate my need to be sedated to get the work done. Additionally, of the offices could provide the toxicity protection that is always used at Dr. Cintron’s—and that is the toxins being removed are not being reabsorbed by the patient in the form of the air they are breathing.The other dental offices might have recommended root canals because of the extensive issues underlying the old crowns which would not have been seen until they were removed— which would have added additional toxicity exposure to my system. I also sent my X-rays and dental plan to another holistic/biological dentist that I was referred to in NJ. He reviewed everything and was in total agreement that all the work in the plan was necessary and appropriate—well worth it for my own peace of mind.


   Patients, including myself, feel like family when they walk into Dr. Cintron’s office. I just received my tooth guard to protect my teeth from future fissures due to grinding, which most people do whether they know it or not.



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