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Is Your Mouth Making You Sick?

July 10, 2018

Biological Dentistry: Raising the Bar on The Standard of Care

by Courtney Gallo, Patient


  If you live in America, there is a good chance that you make it into the statistics of dentistry. You may have received one of the 1 million mercury (amalgam or silver) fillings placed into mouths each year, or maybe you have undergone one of the annual 25 million root canals. Filling a cavity and getting a root canal has become common among “us” patients receiving these procedures. There is lack of education surrounding them and the lasting effects they may have on your health. The cavities and decay experienced in your mouth prior to these procedures are due to lack of education on proper diet and lifestyle care, especially poor dental hygiene. The potential dysfunction experienced in your mouth and body following these procedures is a different story.


   The mouth is a central route to the energetic body, as well as the internal body including the nervous system and bloodstream. This means, whatever materials are placed in your mouth during dental procedures, may go directly into your body. These materials are not meant to be there, and they can expose your inside anatomy to a high level of toxicity. The news doesn’t end there. These procedures and materials are part of the “standard of care”.

   After a family member was diagnosed with leukemia, I knew there was a lot to learn, and my research began. A part of her lifestyle must have exposed her to the high levels of toxicity that her body contained. As a future holistic practitioner and integrative health worker myself, I felt that diet and lifestyle played a role. I also thought there had to be higher levels of toxicity adding to those contributing factors. When treating cancer naturally, a first suggestion for treatment, is the removal of all metals and toxicity from the mouth. Expert information stated that this may prevent the patient from experiencing continued re-infection. This made perfect sense to me. It made even more sense knowing that my relative had visited dentists about once a month. She was constantly having “issues” in her mouth. Over time, every molar was filled with mercury fillings, and she ended up having two root canals. The teeth surrounding the metal fillings all eventually decayed, and then each tooth received a crown. A crown? Wow, a word like that really makes you feel like you’re being treated as royalty!

    Next stop was a new dentist. Not any dentist, but a holistic, biological dentist. After some more research, I felt we would be better served in the hands of Dr. Yolanda Cintron in Fort Lauderdale. After a very thorough initial exam, Dr. Cintron and her team provided us with detailed pictures of the findings. After seeing each decayed tooth, we felt anything but royal. Each crown was removed, and a chunk of metal was exposed under each one. That is the metal that my relative had thought was removed before the crowns were inserted. Disgust is the only word that came to mind after seeing the decay that went down to the nerve root of each tooth. This means her body was exposed to high levels of metal toxicity, all day everyday, all approved by the dentistry standards of care. The removal of the metal is an involved procedure, which requires specific steps to ensure the biological safety of your body. Dr. Cintron follows each of these steps carefully to ensure each patients health and well- being. Not only did Dr. Cintron create a non-toxic and safe environment in my relative’s mouth, she also made her smile beautiful, all with no pain. Dr. Cintron and her team work diligently. In addition, they performed with faith, love, and deep compassion. Being in her office was a source of peace and happiness! It may SEEM like a lot of work, all for your teeth, but teeth deserve such a level of TLC. Teeth are the first step in digestion, chewing and breaking down our food that allows our bodies to be nourished. They are also alive with roots that lead down into the body. They correspond with meridian points that affect how the body functions in its entirety. If you are questioning the health of your mouth, don’t wait until the issue is extreme and leading to other illnesses. Dr. Cintron has dedicated her career to provide the highest level of dental care for her patients, far above standard.


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