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My Root Canal Nightmare

July 9, 2018



 First and foremost I want to say the reason I'm writing this is because I believe that human beings should care for one another. In the hopes of preventing other people from going through what I have gone through, I am sharing my experience. In 2014 I had a lot of medical issues to deal with. I had to have surgery to remove a cyst from my throat, and I also needed a total hip replacement. In preparation for these surgeries, I went to my dentist and my periodontist to ensure excellent oral health. We are learning more each day how important oral health is. Research has now proven its effect on our cardiovascular system, immune system, and overall health. I had a crown on a lower left molar that had been bothering me since the first day I went to see my dentist. I had to see him six times in seven months to have him adjust this crown. Eventually, he told me to go to the periodontist to have a crown lengthening procedure as his adjustments were not helping. When I went to the Periodontist I was told that I needed a root canal, not a crown lengthening. Unfortunately, this was very bad news as my dentist had told me that another tooth on my upper right had cracked due to decay, and needed a root canal also. So now I needed two root canals and I was only 52 days away from my hip surgery. Two days later I had both root canals done. Now I needed to have two crowns placed but I had such a bad experience with the prior crown from my Dentist, I decided to go for a alternative opinion to Dr. Yolanda Cintron in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Dr. Cintron suggested I go home and do some research regarding my dental health. I recommend that you all do the same. It was quite an education. When I researched online, I found an article by an Oncologist who treated all types of cancer. He had done a study on all of his cancer patients and found that 97% of them had root canals. His research revealed a direct correlation between the site of the root canal and the type of cancer the patient manifested. Before he would agree to take on their case, he insisted that they remove their root canals in an effort to arrest and cure their cancer. After reading all the material, I decided that I needed to remove those teeth immediately. Basically in layman's terms, a root canal is a form of embalming a dead tooth and leaving it in your mouth. There is a lot of research on the dangers of root canals. I truly believe that if I had left those in my mouth, I would have had a terrible outcome with my hip replacement, and possibly have lost my hip.


     One week later, I had Dr. Cintron remove both teeth with the root canals. Under those teeth she showed me photos of deep infection in both upper and lower jaw bones. She performed laser surgery to address the infection, bone grafting and plasma rich growth factors (PRGF) on both extraction sites to speed up healing time. 10 days before I got the root canals, I experienced a terrible sinus infection. After 10 days of heavy-duty antibiotics I was still very infected. After Dr. Cintron removed my teeth with the root canals, I woke up with great relief from my sinus infection. I now understand that without the removal of those teeth, the infection would have persisted. We must educate ourselves whenever we are having any medical procedure done. I would advise all of you to research root canals, and never have one done. Although they are recognized as standard of care, I would suggest seeking alternative options. Also if you have root canals I would highly recommend that you have them removed before they cause future problems. Dr. Yolanda Cintron did an amazing job of removing the teeth and cleaning out the infection. She gave me emotional support and encouragement. My new hip is great, i feel stronger than ever and I am smiling again.


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